A key element of a GST education is that in our family of schools all students have access to hundreds of free clubs and activities every week: chess; ballroom dancing; mandolin; coding; orchestra; steel pans; philosophy; young Rotarians; trampolining; debating; choirs; a wide range of sports…the list is impressive.


We also work hard to inspire, provoke and engage all our students by arranging free visits to parks, theatres, art galleries, concerts, sports venues and places of historical and cultural interest as well as bringing guest speakers and performers into schools: scientists, musicians, historians and as broad a range of perspectives on life and conflicting views as we can source.

The opportunities provided at school and at home mean that many pupils develop really strong interests to which they devote a lot of time and energy beyond the curriculum. At GST we want to support students to progress in their chosen interests, to grow their skills and develop their talents to the full. That costs money.

There is never enough money and making fundraising part of what we do is a given for schools and Trusts in these times of much reduced public funding. The key consideration is what we raise funds for so that relatively small sums have a major impact on our students.

Together throughout the year we raise money and resources for:

  • the Griffin Sports and Arts Fund (SAF)
  • the Trust’s chosen charity
  • and charities local to our schools.

This is done through a number of channels, namely Founders day and Challenge 26.

Sports and Arts Fund (SAF)

SAF was set up in 2018 for all pupils in Years 3 to 13 in the Trust to apply for support in funding extracurricular interests which they have already pursued for some time.

We operate three windows of applications each academic year, one per cycle. Each round of applications has proved very successful and revealed some inspiring pupils who have already invested heavily in pursuing passions such as competitive ice skating, track and field, motorcross, taekwondo and learning musical instruments.

Founders Day

Held every year in the spring term, the focus is always on community. Schools run a number of fundraising and community service events throughout the day, any money raised is split between local charities of the school’s choice and the Trust’s chosen charity.

Please visit our news story to see the various events our schools held:


Challenge 26

Every April a School or Trust leader runs the London Marathon on behalf of the Trust’s chosen charity. Established as a Proud Tradition in 2017 by Ange Tyler, the challenge has now been completed by two school Heads and a PE lead for the Trust. This year Ray Ramsay, the Trust’s senior accountant, will be running for Get Kids Going!

Inspired by the 26.2 miles of the marathon, schools will be take part in Challenge 26. Students set themselves a sporting challenge involving the number 26. Examples of previous challenges include rowing 26 miles, doing 26 star jumps each day for 26 days, running a 26 mile relay, etc. The challenges can be completed by individuals or in groups.


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